• We are a Traditional Motorcycle Club
  • We are non-territorial
  • We are not a 1% club, nor are we outlaws
  • We are not a “Christian Biker”, nor an LE group
  • We respect all clubs that respect us, mind our own business, and seek to defend those who can’t defend themselves
The Sons of Dominion is a Motorcycle Club. Members must earn their colors over time, respect the club’s hierarchy, and act in the customs and traditions befitting a true biker club.
No. If you ride a motorcycle of any make or model you are welcome.
More than one… less than one million.
No. That stuff is for frat boys. We are about instilling Honor, Courage, Loyalty, Faith and Respect and upholding the tenants of brotherhood.
Meet us. Ride with us. Hang around us. Our colors have to be earned by demonstrating the values we insist upon within our community. It is earned, not purchased.